Video: Lower and Middle Paleolithic knapping

08 Nov
The video illustrates and almost makes it look easy the three classical modes of knapping prior to Upper Paleolithic (Spanish/English text but notice that the word silex should translate as flint and is not translated):

Mode 1: Oldowayan or Chopper industries, usually related with H. erectus
Mode 2: Acheulean, usually related with H. ergaster and derivates
Mode 3: Mousterian and MSA, Levallois technique, usually related with H. neanderthalensis and early H. sapiens
Found at Pileta de Prehistoria, uploaded at YouTube by historiaunlu.

One response to “Video: Lower and Middle Paleolithic knapping

  1. Maria Lluïsa

    November 9, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    So relaxing! I watched it 10 times.I wouldn't be able to make these tools, except maybe the first one 🙂


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