Alexander Shulgin, 85, hospitalized with a stroke. Donations and volunteers asked to preserve his work

18 Nov
Ann and Alexander Shulgin
I just learned via Psychedelic Research that one of the greatest researchers in psychoactive drugs, Alexander Shulgin, 85, has been hospitalized with a stroke. He was surgically intervened two years ago to replace a defective aortic valve and, given his age, he may leave us at any moment. 
Shulgin, a Ph. D. Biochemist, has made extensive research in synthesis drugs such the widely known ecstasy, which he intended to use for the treatment of depression and other psychological disorders.
In 1994 he saw his laboratory raided by the DEA after he published PHiKAL, a chemical love story
The drug knowledge vault, Erowid, is now asking for volunteers (for transcriptions and image enhancement) and donations in order to help preserve his legacy. You can donate here (either to Erowid or directly to the Shulgins) and you can volunteer your services here.
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Posted by on November 18, 2010 in chemistry, drugs, mind, psychology


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