Some new Megalithic findings

02 Feb
Just to mention a couple of ongoing discoveries or research in the UK, both via Archaeology in Europe:
First, PhysOrg and Daily India report that a new henge has been found not far from Stonehenge. Not much more info is provided. 
Notice that henge in English archaeological language means what in the continent is called rondel or camp: an earthen structure with ditch and wooden enclosure, of Danubian origin. Stonehenge is not a henge but a (rather peculiar and elaborate) stone ring (said cromlech in the mainland) and these have probably a different origin, though it is not too clear which or how.
Then it is mentioned by BBC that archaeologist George Nash is asking for permission to dig in Guernsey’s Delancey Park, because he has indications that there may be a gallery dolmen there, a kind of monument relatively rare in the Channel Islands (though they geographically do belong to the Megalithic zone, which reached up to the Seine river).

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