Archaeonews Feb 25

25 Feb
The latest compilation of the sometimes quite interesting archaeological news from around the world by the people at Stone Pages is in my mailbox today. I cannot really pick one or two this time, so I’ll offer you half a dozen instead:


  • 9 meters underwater at the Isle of Wigh… there is a whole Neolithic settlement with incredibly preserved wood artifacts – video at BBC
  • Recognize Somaliland to preserve its Neolithic treasures (right), or why UNESCO will not protect the impressive Neolithic cave art of this very real African state – article at CNN
  • Sauna and pork feast remains at Marden Henge, England. I’d say this pretty much demolishes the idea that saunas have any sort of Celtic or Indoeuropean specific cultural link – article at This is Wiltshire 

Metal Ages:

See also: Stone Pages.


One response to “Archaeonews Feb 25

  1. Ken

    March 25, 2011 at 10:09 am

    European's artists seem to have skills skills that were remarkably advanced.Any ideas why the paintings are so good ?


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