Archaeologists: Dakar rally in Chile is a crime against patrimony

11 May
The College of Archaeologist of Chile has risen their voice against the Rally Dakar 2014 (which is not anymore held in Africa after much controversy but in South America) because it impacts and destroys many archaeological sites. 
According to the Chilean archaeological guild the rally is a clear crime under the article 38 of law 17288, which should be persecuted by the Council of Defense of the State (CDE). However this entity “has its hands tied” because the Rally is promoted by the National Sports Institute (IND). 
The Council of National Monuments (CMN) has documented not less than 207 archaeological sites damaged by previous editions of the rally up to 2012 (all rallies since 2009 have gone through Chilean, as well Argentine and sometimes Peruvian lands).
Since 2009 five legal actions have been initiated against this destructive competition, all of which have been dismissed by the courts. 
Source[es]: Diario de Antofagasta (via Paleorama).
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Posted by on May 11, 2013 in archaeology, Chile, ecology, Latin America


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