Ancient mtDNA maps of Europe

These maps were actualized last on May 9th 2011. I was as strict as possible on not over-interpreting the raw data, often only testing the HVS-I segment, what is clearly insufficient and sometimes only creates more confusion.
All the data was taken from the Ancient DNA page of Jean Manco or, as often as possible, from the papers cited there.
As the tests performed in each study varied, an upstream lineage such as R* does not necessarily exclude a downstream one such as H, specially where no HVS-I markers are know to exist between the two nodes. This is a problem affecting specially the identification of H and its major subclades but may also affect other lineages. Check PhyloTree for reference (noticed that I used build 11 for these maps):
The last map is the only one where I included reported haplogroups as such but only in the inset. The reason is that I could not find the raw data for Izagirre & De la Rúa 1999.
All the process of elaboration was detailed as well as I can fathom in the following entries: 1, 2 & 3. You may also want to check the aDNA category here and in my old blog Leherensuge for wider information.

One response to “Ancient mtDNA maps of Europe

  1. fluffykerfuffle

    October 11, 2012 at 11:55 pm

    OMG these maps are phenomenal!! Thank you!!


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