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Wiki created

Waiting to be filled with content…

A lot of debates take place here and elsewhere but often I feel the lack of a more solid and encyclopedic goal-oriented repository. Blog posts seldom get any attention for more than a few days (and when they do there’s a huge risk that they have become obsolete). So I think a more stable repository is needed.
Feel free to add to it, within the basic criteria of objectivity and neutral point of view. If you need to write subjectively (opinion article), make a subpage on the main subject and describe it as opinion article and sign it (on top).
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Working on a free repository of info on prehistory and genetics

As you may know, I do not collaborate with Wikipedia anymore (since years ago) on ideological reasons. But I do feel that that a wiki on human prehistory and genetics is something almost necessary. 
So I looked up wikifarms and found one that is free and does not use adverts (they request donations hence, of course). Also they seem to have a quite libertarian (as in anarchist, i.e. free and cooperative) philosophy. Hence I have created an account and submitted a project to OurProject. They will reply, hopefully in approval, in 72 hrs. (three days) and I’d like to begin working in it as soon as it is ready. 
So, even before the project is available to begin working with, I want to ask to the readers of this blog if they would be interested in helping with creating quality unbiased content on these matters. I think I can produce some quite decent stuff alone but slowly but it’d be much better and faster with other collaborators.
While I do not understand yet quite well the details, I see in their documentation that they emphasize multilingualism to at least some extent, so, if you are not fluent in English, this should not be any major obstacle. However my priority is of course in the modern lingua franca, English.
I chose as license type public domain, what means that any collaboration automatically becomes owned by 7 billion people altogether on this planet. There was a host of licenses to choose from (though no private copyright or anything like that) but I think public domain is simplest. 
While I have not thought much in further details, there are some things I have in mind already:
  • Comprehensive and as objective as possible pages on each of the haplogroups, including relevant paper references and known distribution and phylogenies.
  • Dumping some of my best maps there, so they are not just in my blogs.
  • Mapping archaeological cultures throughout the World.
In brief, gradually building a comprehensive repository, available to all for free, on human origins, emphasizing objectivity and neutral point of view. As no current affairs/politics are directly involved this should not be a big deal, however I am also considering, if possible and compatible with the project, the existence of distinctive, signed and clearly marked as such, opinion articles if someone feels the need. But my priority is to gather all or most relevant information in a publicly available site. 
What do you say?

Update: the project has been approved and it should be available withing 6 hrs. The address is  and the full title is Human Prehistory and Genetics. As far as I understand, you need to create an account with this project in the corresponding field (the full name) in order to be able to edit the wiki. However I am still a noob and I will need some practice before I become acquainted.

Actually you may need to create an OurProject account, visit this page and request to join. 

Policies and administration privileges will be discussed as need arises and we see who is taking the wiki seriously. I just realized that there is the possibility of having more than one license but all are in the line of open access (no private copyrights) – also to be discussed as need arises.

Update(2): I have (as recommended) categorized the project as:

  • Topic: Encyclopedia, Archaeology and Anthropology (3 categories are possible and there was no “genetics” one)
  • License: Public Domain (two other can be added, probably Creative Commons is a good idea)
  • Natural language: English (two other can be added but I wonder how to work in multiple languages)
  • Status: planning (to be changed to initial development as soon as something is in)

Update – Jan 11

I managed to figure out how to create a “MoinMoin” wiki within the main OurProject wiki. (LINK, feel free to edit with good reason – create a user first anyhow prefereably). This is however quite disappointingly complicated to manage (of course it may depend on your expectations but I am used to Wikipedia and other user-friendly GUIs).

There is the possibility of uploading some wiki software to the main subdomain but I fear I am not sufficiently techy for that (at least not yet).


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