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Dear reader…

As I mentioned weeks ago, this blog is so far a backup of the original one. When I first migrated, some months ago, I was pretty much persuaded that Blogger was growingly eviler and that I needed to change but then inertia and the lack of a justify format button in the WP editor (uh-oh, I think I just found it!) have kept me in Blogger and this version is (at least by the moment) an irregularly updated backup.

I know that some people has found my blog first at WordPress and some have even joined as followers, however that way they will only get updated feed irregularly and in highly indigestible large bouts. So I’d suggest that you check and join the original version while it lasts (which may be months, years… not yet decided) instead.

Also, I want to apologize because the last two updates or so only included titles and not full texts. I seem to have fixed that, probably caused by setting the Blogger feed to “short” instead of “full”. For that reason you may have received double feeds for many posts or failed to find information you were interested in. My most sincere apologies.

Thanks for your interest and may the Maya calendar be merciful to you.

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Migrating to WordPress

Hello WordPress. As mentioned in the previous (imported) post, I am seriously considering a migration to WordPress. By the moment this blog is just a backup (original at Blogger), because I still have to make my landing good but I believe I will be moving both my blogs to WP soon.

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