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Blog will NOT get ads

In the end Google AdSense has resulted impossible to deal with. Their bots claim that I have copyright infractions in this blog but they don’t provide any details whatsoever, making impossible for me to be able to correct such vices. 
It was even suggested by some that the WP backup could be considered plausible copyright violation because there is another site with exactly the same content, go figure! Dealing with bots is worse than dealing with the worst bureaucracy apparently.
It has taught to me again this precious lesson: even if you wish to sell your soul, so to say, it’s most uncertain that customers will be available.
Thanks for your support in any case.

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Blog will get ads

Sadly I feel compelled to find economic resources in places I would not have tried before, so I have, after much procrastination, decided to include paid publicity in this blog via Google AdSense. I apologize to all readers for the bother and also because, in order to increase the site’s actual traffic, I have cut RSS feed to short format, what make you force to visit the blog more often and not just read on the RSS.
I really really really hate it but if I can make some $300 monthly out
of it (we’ll see but that’s what I have estimated based on what I could
read around the net for similar traffic as this blog already has), then I
must do it. If more, then the better, if much less, maybe not worth
it.  As far as I know (it’s all very obscure), I will get money based on both traffic and ad-clicks, specially the latter.
On the positive side I hope that, it motivates me to make this blog an even better site. 
I may also start a sidekick blog in Spanish language. Some people have in the past suggested me to do it but I was always reluctant because of the greater work it would be.  However, if I professionalize some of my blogs in the sense of expecting earnings from them, I can also think of that as a job and not anymore as just a hobby, so I can work more (and hopefully better) in them. 
Again my apologies for all the inconvenience. Feel free to discuss.

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